A Strategy On How Write An Essay On Popular Culture

Popular culture is a broad concept that includes various modern trends in music, fashion, sports, health, celebrity news, current events and lots of other cultural aspects. If you get an assignment to write an essay on pop culture, you have a lot of interesting topics to discuss. You might have your favorite pop group, so you can describe its activity and popularity in your work. It’s a good opportunity to retell the readers about your passion and make them like it too.

  • Popular Culture: A Guideline for Your Essay
    1. Choose a topic.
    2. While it’s interesting to write about the modern events, people or activities, it might become difficult to decide what the best topic for your work is. You can choose according to your own interests, but you should also consider the other aspects. Try to see whether there is enough information for a particular topic, also check the information for believability.

    3. Try to stay unique.
    4. There are many pop stars that each student would like to write about. This is predictable, that is why you need to choose something that is more unique. In such a way, you will show your creativity and will avoid providing the same paper as the other students.

    5. Search for information.
    6. You should use only trustworthy sources to make your work realistic and avoid disinformation. It can be rather difficult with a lot of news posted on the Internet each day. So, your task is to find the trustworthy information and use it to make your own assignment. Don’t forget to read magazines and journals, as they provide more valid facts.

    7. Study why the celebrity or the event you choose is so popular.
    8. Becoming popular can be just a matter of chance. You need to find out why your icon became a part of popular culture and what they represent in the culture.

    9. Consider others’ opinion.
    10. Being your icon doesn’t mean that all the other people have the same attitude to them. To make a professional essay you need to study not only advantages but also disadvantages of a particular person or event. Try to think about why this icon isn’t so important for the others. This will help you understand others’ points of view.

    11. Try to be analytic and critical.
    12. Here you need to think about how your icon is used in mass media, for example, to advertise anything from a way of living to cars. This is an important aspect of describing somebody who is popular.

    13. Build your writing.
    14. When you have enough information and notes, you can begin writing your paper. Remember to use separate paragraphs for each idea you have. Pay attention to the formatting and design of your work, as the information must be provided logically and coherently.

    15. Use a striking introduction.
    16. You may use popular words from a song you like or from a speech of a celebrity. This will attract readers’ attention to your work and make them familiar to the topic.

  • Conclusion
  • Creating a paper on popular culture is a good opportunity to make people interested in what you like. You should express your own opinion, but don’t try to convince people that they also have to be passionate about the same things as you do. We all have different tastes and pop culture gives us a great opportunity to satisfy them.

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