What Is Popular Culture: Essay Recommendations

Just in case you are wondering what popular culture is, it simply refers to the ideas, perspectives and lifestyles of the common masses and not the elite group. Well, composing an essay on popular culture can be quite a challenge especially if you are not in the brackets. However, this does not have to be the case with you. Doing adequate research on the subject will enable you to internalize and own up the culture as if you were one of them. This is actually necessary since a good discourse can only be written from a point of familiarity. Again, a student who is part of the popular population can also get it all wrong when it comes to discourse writing. The reason to this paradox is simple; transferring what you know in to paper takes more than just details. Writing is an art that you have to perfect over time and especially for academic papers which differ in styles and formats. By the time you are able to bring the reader to your world through your work, you must have worked hard and also smart. Before you start your essay writing journey, here are some of the topics you can consider

  1. The influence that the internet has in the way most people view the popular culture
  2. Sexual pervasion and its influence on the modern teenager
  3. Discuss the extend of enslavement that soap operas have caused on students
  4. Having television celebrities as role models. What effects does this have on young children and teenagers
  5. Music is one of the most powerful tools of influence in the 21st century. How can it be used to bring more good than harm?
  6. What are the best popular culture practices and how can the young people adopt them globally?
  7. Social media plays a major role in shaping the behavior of people in all age groups
  8. Do parents play a role in provoking their children to get in to counter cultures?
  9. Not all celebrities are heroes and not all heroes are celebrities
  10. The popular culture has been known to promote racism as opposed to the claims that it is meant for to unify.

The phrase `popular’ culture should not cause you any unnecessary chills. Understanding its various facets will help you demystify it so that you can be able to compose a winning essay on the same.

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