Writing An Excellent Native American Culture Essay

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Most modern students would find it difficult to freely compose an essay on native Americans. The explanation to this is simple; even though there are several native tribes and ethnic groups still living in America, few students have an idea about them. Those who were born in the post-colonial era can barely tell much of what was happening before. They just woke up to a whole new world that was almost completely robbed of the past. Therefore, unless you study well to know who was born in America, it is difficult to tell between the natives and those who came in later. However, studying American nativity is one of the most interesting things that a student can do. This will not only equip you for discourse writing, but will give you a different and broader view of things. America has not always been the way you know it. There are natives whose ancestors first dwelt within the borders and still exist to date even though are rarely spoken about. So, in a nutshell what exactly should you know about Native American culture? Below are a few incentives

  • In the United States, there are over 550 native Alaska and Indian villages and tribes
  • The Native American tribes have different lifestyles in terms of food, dress and other aspects
  • Despite the many changes and evolvement that America has undergone, most of the natives have survived as sovereign nations
  • Over history, the Native Americans have held on to their special artworks and ceremonies
  • Before stabilization, the European immigrant diseases caused the Natives to suffer before they acquired immunity against the same. Most fatal of them all was small pox that claimed most lives. After successfully revolting against the Great Britain, that is when the idea to civilize Natives was conceived.
  • To date, there s still some tension between the Natives and the immigrant Americans due to differences in culture and the fast evolution of the Unites States
  • The Native Americans now have their own media stations and newspapers in the bid to preserve more and strengthen their culture
  • In the bid to accommodate European-American immigrants, many tribes were brutally cleansed. Nevertheless, a good number has stood the test of time and are even stronger to date.
  • The archeological record in America is divided into phases in order to accommodate different timings of events. In some states, different cultures have made significant earthworks to represent their diversities.
  • Some of the Natives lived like nomads where they constructed seasonal family dwellings

You realize that information is everything. After digesting the points above, you should have the confidence to write a top ranking essay on Native American cultures.

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