Creating An American Dream Essay Without Much Effort

The first thing that comes to mind when people think about the US is the American dream. That is why it’s quite expected to get a task to write an essay on this topic. To make your work easier, you should define what this idea means to you and what important features of it you need to discuss.

  • Things to Remember Writing an American Dream Essay
  • Completing an assignment on this topic is quite a personal task because it has different aspects and can be defined in different ways.

  • The American dream: what does it mean?
  • There exist different descriptions of this term, so you can compare them and choose the one that fits your own perception the best. You can come to an understanding of this idea during your research.

  • What are the main principals of this dream?
  • You should study what ideas and rights this dream is based on and how this idea has changed from the 20th century.

  • What do Americans want now?
  • With the development of culture and values, people’s attitude to this dream has also changed. You should explore what common desires people have now.

  • What is the attitude to the American dream in your own family?
  • You might have some examples from your elder family members on how this dream changed their lives. Or you can discuss with your relatives their attitude to these principals.

  • Do people still believe in the American dream?
  • Here you can study Americans and immigrants who come to the US for a better life. Try to compare their expectations and desires according to the way of living.

  • Can you provide some examples of realization of this dream?
  • History shows different situations when people completely change their lives and reach their dreams. You can add the brightest examples to your paper.

  • How does the American dream influence people’s lives?
  • It’s necessary to discuss whether people try to reach this dream or it just stays the dream. Here you can think about the possibility to realize the American dream and how much effort is necessary for this.

  • How is the dream discussed on mass media?
  • You must have seen a lot of movies and read different books describing that people strive to reach this dream. You can find some motivating examples and discuss how useful they can be for the society.

  • Is it possible to realize the dream working hard?
  • People have different opportunities and most of them need to apply much effort to reach the standards of living. You can consider whether a hard work is the only requirement for the American dream.

  • Expressing Your Thoughts on the American Dream
  • Writing the paper on the topic of the American dream is an interesting process, as you can consider this subject from different angles and using various approaches. Mind that you should express your own thoughts about this dream in your essay. You should support your attitude with evidence or samples from your family’s experience. Considering that the American dream includes too many principals, so you can highlight the most interesting and important ideas according to your own conception.

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