Composing A Strong Essay On Brave New World

You are probably wondering what Brave New World is. Well, before you can even begin your search on what to write in your essay, seek first to understand the term `Brave New World’. You can pick the literal meaning of it that depicts courage and hope for the historical world in the midst of rapid changes. However, the most applicable meaning is that this name refers to an ancient novel written by one Aldous Huxley. Even though it was first published in the early nineties, it is becoming more relevant in the current world. It is true that literature does not age with time but rather evolves over time to suit the present order. This piece of literature was representing an era where oppression did not lead to depression but rather stirred up the fight for a better future. The following are some of the things you should know about the Brave New World novel

  1. It has a strong advocacy for universal happiness and benefits
  2. Social stability is emphasized in the better part of it
  3. It is ancient but still very relevant in today’s world order. Human beings have basic needs that do not change over time. This means that any literature done with people as the main focus cannot go out of date
  4. Reproductive health is one of the many aspects that are vividly addressed in this tool of literature
  5. In Brave New World, seeking to attain universal happiness will mean sacrificing some values like motherhood
  6. There is a vivid warning to the society against scientific utopianism. This will only get most people caught up in a world of unrealism since idealism is impossible in this life.
  7. There is also a warning against over spiritualization and an emphasis to embrace bioscience as the means to avert deaths related to health problems.
  8. The fear of over dependence on drugs has left most people desperately in need of help

Writing on the `Brave New World’ is not rocket science. All you need to do is get reliable sources of archive literature then seek to understand before embarking on your essay writing.

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