How To Compose A Cultural Anthropology Essay Properly

Writing a cultural anthropology essay requires you to answer definite questions and study cultural norms and ethnographic data. You need to understand the topic you have clearly to find necessary materials, support it with evidence and still be ready to a critical review of the event or other cultural feature. The following tips will help you organize your work and remember important requirements for writing such type of assignment.

  • Tips on Writing an Essay in Cultural Anthropology
    1. Understand what you need to write.
    2. In most cases, you need to search for necessary information, synthesize it and make possible conclusions. This requires you to be attentive with the organization of your paper and the logical development of ideas supported by evidence.

    3. Quote and paraphrase where it’s necessary.
    4. You need to quote the information you get from your research participants, while it’s recommended to summarize and paraphrase the information from academic texts.

    5. Use the first-person “I” judiciously.
    6. As you present your own research, you are supposed to make yourself visible to the readers. However, be careful with using “I”, because your task is to analyze the cultural phenomena but not focus the paper on yourself.

    7. Choose rather the active voice.
    8. Usage of the active voice makes the subject and the writer center. It’s also possible to use the passive voice, but it’s preferable to pay attention to the topic and yourself as the author of this work.

    9. Write elegant style.
    10. You can use complex sentences, but still, mix them with shorter ones. You should pay much attention to the way you build the sentences to make them sound beautiful. Rich writing should be matched with clarity.

    11. Try to avoid making presumptions.
    12. You should not write about the reasons of particular situations you are studying if you have no evidence for this. It’s not a good practice to show your personal attitude to the event and judge the behavior or situations that happened.

    13. Try to find help.
    14. It’s better to have a reader that has some experience in anthropology, so they can make some reviews and feedbacks of your work.

  • Conclusion
  • Your essay needs to flow logically – make sure that all points are supported with evidence. Mind that it’s important for your paper to be clear and precise, so the readers will appreciate the quality of your work and you will get a good grade. The design of the writing matters a lot, so don’t be afraid to spend extra time for making your paper perfect.

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