Useful Tips For An Essay About Food And Culture

Do you love and enjoy good food? Well, most people do. Food is one of the aspects that can be used to tell one culture from the other even though not exclusively. Writing an essay about food and culture will give you a golden opportunity to feed your imagination with different food stuffs. Some cultures may share different foods and using those particular ones you may not tell the difference. However, almost every cultural group across the world has specific foods that are unique to them. For instance, some foods found in one tribe could be completely missing in another tribe of the same nation. The issue gets even more complicated when comparing regions or continents. Some foods in Africa are completely strange and unheard of in America. This does not mean that some cultures are better than others but rather that diversity is real and should otherwise be celebrated. There is always a thrill that comes with trying new foods that are not common or are completely missing in your culture. Never mind you may never taste these foods in real life.

Writing about different cultures and their unique diets gives you a broader world view and helps you to appreciate diversity. What you thought was poisonous could be a delicacy for another culture. Interesting, huh? Below are useful tips on how to come up with a winning discourse on food and culture

  • Know the role of different food stuffs in diverse cultures.
  • Some foods have a far - fetched origin some of which can be traced back to community‚Äôs ancestral background
  • Some cultures have categorized their foods in to regular and occasional. It is important to note that in some cultures, there are foods that are only prepared during specific ceremonies. The beauty of it is that both the young and the old know the difference.
  • With the current advancement in technology, foods are evolving daily and so are some cultures In writing an essay about food and culture, you cannot afford to miss the symbolic dimensions of food in different cultures
  • Some things that go along with food are preferences, allergic reactions and food disorders among others
  • Climatic conditions are some of the major factors that determine the types of foods available for specific cultural groups. There are certain foods that do well in one region of the world and not another. Such conditions automatically bring a divide on food and culture
  • Most lifestyle diseases can be linked to food and culture

Food and culture is definitely not a mysterious topic to write an essay about. You simply start from known to unknown. What are the foods linked to your own culture and why? Then replicate this to other cultures.

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